Student Affairs

Longitudinal Mentoring

Faculty mentors help students maintain a balanced, long-term perspective while they are immersed in the MD program.

Established in 2019, the Dr. Mary B. Arnold Mentors expand the advising resources available to medical students.  Arnold mentors form a network of personal and professional support to students throughout their time at Brown.

About Dr. Arnold

Dr. Arnold passed away in December 2018, and is remembered widely by Brown alumni and colleagues as the epitome of a dedicated mentor and teacher. Her legacy lives on through the mentorship program.

Arnold Mentors

  • Paul Christopher

    Paul Christopher RES'09

    Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior

    Paul Christopher is a psychiatrist and bioethics researcher.

  • Erica Chung

    Erica Chung MD’06

    Associate Professor of Pediatrics

    Erica Chung is a pediatric hospitalist at Hasbro Children's Hospital with an interest in medical education.

  • Deus Cielo

    Deus Cielo MD'96

    Associate Professor of Neurosurgery

    Deus Cielo is a neurological surgeon specializing in spine, brain tumors, and peripheral nerve.

  • Tarra Evans

    Tarra Evans '06 MD'10

    Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery

    Tarra Evans is a gynecologic oncologist also trained in palliative care.

  • Michael Herzlinger

    Michael Herzlinger, MD RES'14

    Assistant Professor of Pediatrics

    Michael Herzlinger is a pediatric gastroenterologist practicing at Hasbro Children's Hospital.

  • Judy Jang

    Judy Jang, MD

    Assistant Dean of Medicine, PLME Advising, Assistant Professor of Medicine

    Judy Jang is a nephrologist and an advising dean in Brown's Program in Liberal Medical Education (PLME)

  • Virginia Mensah

    Virginia Mensah, MD

    Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology

    Virginia Mensah is a specialist in Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility. She completed her fellowship training at Brown University in Rhode Island/ Women and Infants Hospital.

  • Chris Merritt

    Christopher Merritt, MD, MPH

    Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Associate Professor of Pediatrics

    Chris Merritt is a pediatric emergency physician with an interest in medical education.

  • Guy Nicastri

    Guy Nicastri, MD

    Clinical Associate Professor of Surgery, Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine

    Guy Nicastri is a board-certified general surgeon who is currently practicing at Kent Hospital.

  • Gita Pensa

    Gita Pensa, MD

    Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Clinician Educator

    Gita Pensa is an emergency physician who spent over a decade in community practice before joining Brown's faculty 2014.

  • Alison Riese

    Alison Riese, MD MPH'14 F'14

    Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Assistant Professor of Medical Science

    Alison Riese is a general academic pediatrician with specialized training in injury prevention.

  • Julie Roth

    Julie Roth '99 MD'04

    Associate Professor of Neurology, Associate Professor of Medical Science

    Julie Roth is a neurologist at Rhode Island Hospital.

  • Lisa Swartz Topor

    Lisa Swartz Topor, MD, MMS

    Associate Professor of Pediatrics

    Lisa Swartz Topor is a pediatric endocrinologist at Hasbro Children's Hospital

  • Iris Tong

    Iris Tong, MD

    Associate Professor of Medicine

    Iris Tong is a general internist who specializes in women's health.