Student Affairs

Student Groups

Medical student groups at Brown provide endless opportunities to learn, serve, network, lead, create, and relax.

Advocacy/Service Groups serve others. Some groups partner with local schools, free clinics, or other nonprofits to provide ongoing outreach and service. Many groups target particular communities or health conditions. Several do broader or national advocacy work in health policy or other issues.

Medical Association Representative Groups represent AMS as part of national medical associations (currently the American Medical Association, Association of Women Surgeons, Latino Medical School Association, Physicians for Human Rights, and Student National Medical Association).

Specialty Interest Groups connect students to professional insight, research, networking, and mentoring opportunities in over twenty medical specialties, from Anesthesiology to Urology.

Student Life Groups enhance AMS student life beyond medicine. Share your creativity in AMS journals and other student publications, your thoughts in discussions of books or films, or your voice in musical groups. Exercise through athletic groups or dance teams. Make a difference in the AMS community as part of groups working to improve sustainability, peer support, student health/wellness, or other issues at AMS.

Please contact the Student Senate ([email protected]) or the Office of Student Affairs ([email protected]) with any questions about student groups, including how to form or apply for funding for a new group.