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The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University Medical Student Senate (MSS) democratically organizes and represents the interests of our diverse student body.

The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University Medical Student Senate facilitates improvements to school policy and operations as well as exercising our voice in the larger healthcare system to better prepare excellent and conscientious medical professionals. 

Core Values

Our work will be guided and informed by our commitment to fostering a culture of advocacy, equity, diversity, communication, and accountability:

  • Advocacy: Advocate both for a medical school that nurtures socially and critically conscious health professionals through its curriculum, operations, and community engagements, while providing access to resources that support students’ academic success and mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.

  • Equity & Diversity: Promote historically conscious and culturally equitable practices within the framework of medical education, including the recruitment and retention of a diverse staff, faculty, and student body; the advancement of a structurally humble medical curriculum where the rights, dignity, and responsibility of the patient are emphasized; and the development of a culturally inclusive learning environment.   

  • Communication & Accountability: Uphold open-channel communication between medical students and other components of the medical school and University, ensure that we operate within the interests and wishes of the student body, and acquaint both students and the administration with novel concerns and projects in order to foster a more concordant and united school community.

University Resources Regarding Immigration Policies (2019)

The University is committed to supporting all Brown students legally, financially, personally and academically, and recognizes every individual’s situation as distinct and different. First and foremost, students should register any particular concerns with Julio Reyes, the UFLi Center program director (401-863-5676 or [email protected]) who can engage the appropriate individuals throughout the University to address specific issues. 

What is the University’s policy regarding law enforcement and immigration status?

Brown’s Department of Public Safety neither inquiries about nor acts upon information related to immigration status, and does not partner with federal or state agencies to do so. For more information, please contact Lt. John A. Carvlho at Brown Department of Public Safety (401-863-5376) 

What should a student do if they are approached on or off campus by immigration officials?

If immigration authorities are on campus, or if you are detained off campus at any time as a result of immigration status, please contact the Department of Public Safety (DPS) immediately at 401-863-3322. DPS will contact relevant University officials.  

What should a Brown employee do if they are approached by law enforcement for information about a member of the Brown community?  

If a Brown employee is approached by federal, state or local law enforcement seeking information about a member of the Brown community, the Brown employee should contact DPS at 401-863-3322 and James Green, Office of General Counsel's Deputy Counsel (401-863-9977 or [email protected]). 


Below is a list of resources that the University is providing immediately:  

DACA Renewal

The University recommends that students who are eligible to renew their DACA authorization (i.e. if their DACA status or employment authorization documents expire between 120-150 days from expiration) should apply for renewal as soon as possible. The University will cover the costs of the application fee and related attorney consultation. To access funding, please contact Vernicia L. Elie, Assistant Dean of the College for Financial Advising (401-863-5671 or [email protected]).   

Legal Support

 The University will support students’ access to legal consultation, and believes that students should exercise agency in choosing an attorney that they trust. To access funding to support an initial consultation with an outside attorney, please contact Vernicia L. Elie, Assistant Dean of the College for Financial Advising.   

For a list of outside attorneys who practice immigration law, please contact Julio Reyes, UFLi Center Program Director.  

Financial Support

 If the recent decision affects a student’s financial aid award, the University will expand institutional scholarship funds to meet any funding gaps.   

  • Undergraduate students in need should be in touch with financial aid counseling at [email protected] or 401-863-2721  
  • Graduate students in need should contact Marlina Duncan, Associate Dean of the Graduate School (401-863-2713).  
  • Medical students in need should contact Allan Tunkel, Associate Dean of Medical Education (401-863-1618).  

Health and Wellness

 We recognize that this is a highly stressful and uncertain period for students affected by these changes. Brown has enhanced Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) resources, including increasing the diversity of the health professionals to ensure a depth of relevant experience. To access general mental health and wellness support, please contact CAPS (401-863-3576) to schedule an appointment. Undocumented and DACA students seeking a specific point person in CAPS should contact Julio Reyes, UFLi Center Program Director. 

Summary of Important Contacts 

  • Julio Reyes, UFLi Program Director: 401-863-5676 or [email protected]
  • Vernicia L. Elie, Assistant Dean of the College for Financial Advising: 401-863-5671 or [email protected]
  • Marlina Duncan, Associate Dean of the Graduate School: 401-863-2713
  • Allan Tunkel, Senior Associate Dean of Medical Education: 401-863-1618 or [email protected]
  • Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS): 401-863-3576
  • Katie Silberman, Associate Director of Community Relations: 401 – 863 - 3717 
  • Lt. John A. Carvlho, Brown Department of Public Safety: 401-863-5376
  • Department of Public Safety (DPS): 401-863-3322

Medical Student Senate

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