Student Affairs

Learning Environment

The Office of Student Affairs seeks to establish and maintain a positive environment across all of the settings where students learn.

At the Warren Alpert Medical School, establishing, maintaining, and ensuring healthy learning environments for students is a top priority. We define the learning environment as any space students are expected to be able to learn: at the medical school within the context of lectures and small groups, at our teaching hospitals, clinics, community partners, and even virtual spaces. 

In 2021, we welcomed Rory Merritt, MD, MHE, as the inaugural assistant dean for student affairs (learning environment). In this role, Dean Merritt assists our efforts to create and maintain an open, caring, and inclusive learning environment at the Medical School and its clinical affiliates and partners. He serves as a resource for persons seeking consultation about diversity, equity, and inclusion in the learning environment and provides critical leadership to address student mistreatment concerns. He serves as a liaison between the Medical School and the health care systems and helps clinical departments in their development, execution, and maintenance of individualized Learning Environment Action Plans.

Reporting Procedures

We encourage students to report positive champions of the learning environment, as well as report experiences of mistreatment or any circumstance that impacts the learning environment, or report a curricular opportunity. Students should use one of the reporting forms found on the class Canvas pages.