Student Affairs

First-Year Orientation

Orientation week provides first-year students with a formal introduction to Brown.

Dear MD Class of 2025

Welcome to The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University! We are looking forward to seeing you at Orientation and getting to know you over the next four years. Orientation officially begins bright and early on Monday, August 2, 2021. We cannot wait to begin your medical school journey with you!

These pages will be updated regularly as July approaches.  Please check back in to make sure you have the most updated information.  In the meantime, congratulations on your acceptance to the Alpert Medical School!

Most importantly, please activate your [email protected] account as soon as possible, if you have not done so already; that will be the only email address we use to communicate with your class. Please follow these instructions to activate your [email protected] account:

  1. Go to
  2. Select Log in and Manage Account
  3. Type in your username and password (same one you had for your secondary application)
  4. A profile page appears with all your information. Scroll to the bottom to see your Brown ID number. You will need this number to setup your email account.
  5. Scroll back up the profile page and on the left side is a list of options; select Activate your Google Account
  6. Follow the steps


The "Getting Your House in Order" document for some time-saving tips for incoming medical students.
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Each year we put together a biography of the matriculating students to give to your course leaders, advisors, etc. so they will know a little about you before classes start. These bios may also be shared across other departments at Brown.  All students are required to please submit a brief bio (3-5 sentences) via this google form by July 7.

Brown ID Card

All students in the MD Class of 2025 must visit the Brown Card Office prior to Orientation to pick up their new Brown ID card.

  • Students Who Already Have a Brown ID:  You do NOT need to submit a new photo to the Brown Card Office for your new ID.  Your old photo is still in their system. If you would like a new photo, you must visit the Brown Card Office in person during normal business hours to have a photo taken. 

  • Students Who Don't Already Have a Brown ID:  You need to submit a photo to the Brown Card Office on or before July 30 which will be used to create your ID card.  To submit your photo, please log in to the secure area of Banner, go to the Applicant and Student section, and use the link for Brown ID Online Photo Submission.  If you fail to upload your photo prior to July 29, you will need to stop by the Brown Card Office upon your arrival to Providence (69 Brown Street, 5th Floor, Room 511) between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm (summer hours) to have your photo taken. 

Student Health Insurance

It is important that Brown University students have access to comprehensive medical care while enrolled with us. All students are automatically enrolled in the University's Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). Participation in SHIP is mandatory unless you are enrolled in another comparable health insurance plan. The effective dates of coverage are July 15, 2021 through August 14, 2022. Each student's account will be charged the $4,169 Health Insurance Fee (assessed entirely in the Fall semester), as well as a Health Services Fee, which covers the cost of basic medical care at Health Services and Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). If you choose to waive SHIP, you will need to provide proof of comparable coverage and submit an online waiver form by July 30, 2021. If you waive SHIP, you can still receive treatment at Brown Health Services.

Orientation Schedule 

August 2-9, 2021

Downloadable schedule here.  Please note this is a draft schedule so be sure to visit regularly for updates!


Information about academic accommodations for student with disabilities, including how to request accommodations, is found here.

For question, please contact our Learning and Accessibility Specialist of the Alpert Medical School, Dr. Lorrie Gehlbach at [email protected] 


Peer Mentoring

Al's Pals is a student-run program that pairs first-year medical students (M1's) with second-year (M2) pals.
Learn more

Canvas Course Web Site

Classes will begin during Orientation week. Canvas is the course management system used by Brown. You will be notified once you can access the Canvas site for the MD25 class.

Community Mentor

As part of the Doctoring Program, you will spend a half day each week with a community-based physician mentor, practicing with your mentor's patients the clinical skills you learn in class.  Mentor site placements in Year 1 are  random, unless you indicate that you are willing/able to commute to your site.  Mentor placements range from about .5 miles to 40 miles from AMS. Most sites outside of Providence do not take more than 20 minutes by car. We advise that you have access to a car at least one day per week to travel to your mentor site, but recognize that this is not possible for all students.  

In July, you will receive an optional survey, to be completed only if you opt to commute to your mentor site  in which you may indicate your specialty preference for a mentor (which will be strongly considered given mentor availability but not guaranteed). If you do not opt to drive to your site, you will receive a mentor placement in the Providence area accessibly by shuttle or bus. Year 1 placements will be assigned in late August.

In your second year of Doctoring, you will be assigned to a different mentor.  You will also have the opportunity in Year 2 to indicate preferences for your placement (i.e., geographic location, clinical setting, Spanish-speaking population, or mentor specialty).

Computer Requirement

All exams are administered electronically on ExamSoft; therefore, students are required to have an iPad or other device (e.g., laptop, tablet, etc.). You can view ExamSoft's minimum system requirements for iPads, Macs, and PCs their website.

Individual tech support from the Office of Medical Education will be available to students during orientation. It's perfectly acceptable to bring what you have and then wait until orientation (or later!) to make a decision on what works best for you. Discounts at the Brown Bookstore are available to you as a medical student (with your Brown ID).

Diagnostic Equipment for Doctoring I

It is required that each student have their own diagnostic equipment for the Doctoring course by early September for vital signs practice. For your convenience, there will be vendors available at AMS for a “Diagnostic Equipment Overview/Demonstration"  - date to be determined.

  • List of Required Equipment available soon.
  • More about Doctoring coming soon.


If you have any plans to work - IT fellow, peer tutor, admissions tour guide, etc. -  more info available soon.


Students will receive their combined locker/mailbox 4-digit number during Orientation.  The lockers/mailboxes are located on the second floor of the Medical School building, in the academy suites.  Students will need to provide their own combination locks.  Your address will be:  Your Name, Brown University, The Warren Alpert Medical School, Box G-XXXX (insert your 4 digit box number), Providence, RI 02912. More information on mail services is available here.

MD25 Calendar

The  MD25 Class Calendar is available online. Please add it to your favorites  

Note, this is a live calendar and subject to change!

Parking and Shuttle Information

The Alpert Medical School of Brown University has a parking garage adjacent to the building. Parking spaces can be purchased once you have your Brown ID Card.  If you wish to acquire a University parking space in the garage, you will need to first register your student and vehicle information on the Transportation Office's webpage.  Once completed, you can visit the University's Transportation Office. Please bring your Brown ID, along with a valid vehicle registration and insurance card, and inform the staff that you are a student at the Alpert Medical School and that you are there to get your parking assignment for the garage.  You will be issued a University sticker for your vehicle and an access card that will be required for you to get in and out of the garage.  By registering for University parking, you will be responsible for compliance with all University parking regulations, which may be found on their webpage. Please note that the garage has a maximum number of available reserved spaces, so parking may not be available.

There is ample bike storage and shuttle service running to and from the Medical School from various locations on campus and the hospitals. More information is on the Transportation Office site.


list of textbooks provided by the Office of Medical Education.

Wellness Center Access Form

To receive access to the 4th-floor Wellness Center and adjacent fitness room at 222 Richmond Street, students must complete the online release form here.  Students will need their Brown ID number to complete the form, and it will take 48 hours to process.