Student Affairs

Procedures for nominations and reporting concerns in the Learning Environment


If a student wishes to nominate a positive champion of the learning environment, report an experience of mistreatment, or report a curricular opportunity, the student should use one of the reporting forms found on the class canvas pages. (Although the links are on canvas, students should note that the forms themselves live in qualtrics, so anonymity is possible. We encourage confidentiality rather than anonymity, so that we can provide a reporting student with follow-up or obtain more information, if necessary).  Links to these forms are also available on course, clerkship, sub-internship, and elective evaluations.

Response to nominations and reports:

Positive Champion Nominations:

  • When a positive champion form is submitted, it will go directly to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Roxanne Vrees, and Kristina Monteiro, Director of Assessment and Evaluation.  Nominations will be reviewed twice during each academic year, and champions recognized for their work with AMS students.

Mistreatment Reports:

  • When a mistreatment form is submitted, it goes directly to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Roxanne Vrees; the Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education, Allan Tunkel; and the Associate Dean for Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, Joseph Diaz. This team, along with Michele Cyr (Associate Dean for Academic Affairs) makes up the executive committee of the Committee on the Learning Environment (COLE) and reviews mistreatment submissions as they come in to monitor for any incidents that need to be addressed immediately, or for any reports of sexual or gender-based harassment or violence that need to be forwarded to the Title IX office.  If a report is forwarded to that office, it means that Title IX will have the information for tracking purposes, and, if the reporting student provided their name and email, that the office will send the student information about available resources. No investigation will move forward without the student’s consent unless there is a threat to community safety.

  • If a reporting student provides their name, a member of the executive committee may reach out to the student to check in, to gather more information if needed, and to provide follow-up, if appropriate.

  • The executive committee of COLE will review all reports on a monthly basis to determine next steps (which may include discussions with the reported individual; the individual’s supervisor; the individual’s course, clerkship, sub-internship, or elective director; and/or the Dean for Medical Education as appropriate by Year (Luba Dumenco for Year 1 courses, Sarita Warrier for Year 2 courses, Paul George for Year 3 courses) and to ensure that appropriate follow up is happening on previously submitted reports.

  • The COLE Subcommittee on Mistreatment, a group of students and faculty who joins the executive committee, will meet on a quarterly basis to review a summary of reports (for these meetings, names of both the reporting student and the reported individual will be redacted), to discuss follow-up, and to help implement next steps on a more systemic level (ie, developing training sessions for students and faculty in a needed area).

Curricular Opportunity Reports:

  • When a curricular opportunity report is submitted, it will go directly to the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Roxanne Vrees, and Kristina Monteiro, Director of Assessment and Evaluation. Dr. Monteiro will forward the report to the appropriate Dean in the Office of Medical Education (Luba Dumenco for Year 1 courses, Sarita Warrier for Year 2 courses, Paul George for Year 3 courses) for further discussion and a determination of next steps. Curricular events will be reviewed in aggregate at meetings of the MD Curriculum Committee’s Subcommittee on Years 1 and 2, or Years 3 and 4, as appropriate.


  • COLE will be responsible for compiling reports to allow students, faculty, and staff to see areas in which our learning environment could be improved, as well as ways in which it is already improving and doing well.

  • If a student has a concern about a member of the executive committee who will be receiving the reporting forms, the student should speak to a different member of the executive committee, to one of the COLE student or faculty representatives, or to another resource (listed below) to help the student decide how to address that particular issue.


If a student is wondering whether to report an incident, or wants to discuss a reported incident, they should talk with anyone with whom they feel comfortable in the Offices of Student Affairs,  Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, or Medical Education. These staff and faculty can help students navigate next steps and offer support and resources.

Additionally, there are many resources available if students want to talk through anything learning environment related in a confidential fashion.


Any questions related to the Learning Environment should be directed to Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Roxanne Vrees.